The council’s THRIVE core values are our guiding principles and beliefs that shape our culture and behaviour within the council. 

​They are our DNA and the “way that we do things around here”.  

Herefordshire Council’s culture

Our values strive to promote a thriving workforce by fostering a culture of trust, teamwork and collaboration, being honest and responsible, inclusive, valuing people and resources and leading with empathy. They provide a framework for us all to align our actions with the council’s vision and priorities creating a positive and supportive work environment where individuals can thrive both personally and professionally.  

Our behaviours are how we act to get things done and help us to reach ​our potential.

Our Values and Behaviours

  • Trust
    Developing and maintaining relationships based on a culture of transparency and open communication. Supported by integrity and the confidence that you are reliable and fulfil commitments.
  • Honesty
    Demonstrating truthfulness, integrity, and transparency in all communications, decisions, and relationships. Being trustworthy, reliable, and accountable for your actions. Acting with sincerity and fairness, even in challenging situations.
  • Responsibility
    Taking ownership of individual and collective actions, decisions, and delivering on commitments. Being reliable, fulfilling obligations and being accountable for outcomes and results. Proactively contributing to the achievement of your own, the team and council goals.
  • Inclusivity
    Working in partnership and with all our diverse communities. Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion by recognising and valuing the unique perspectives, backgrounds and experiences of our staff, customers and residents. Creating an environment where every individual is valued, respected and can belong.
  • Value
    Upholding high standards, ethics and integrity to guide our actions and decisions. Demonstrating commitment to creating and delivering value in our work by recognising and appreciating each other, our resources, processes, customers, community and environment.
  • Empathy
    Demonstrating a genuine and caring understanding of others’ feelings, perspectives, and experiences. Listening attentively, acting with compassion, supporting with respect and kindness and considering the impact of our actions on others.

To effectively bring our THRIVE values to life, staff, managers, and leaders can adopt various strategies and activities that integrate these values into our daily work and all decision-making processes and overall work culture.  For everyone, the first is leading by example and role modelling the values consistently in all that we do.  Ways to do this are:​

  • Embody Values in Daily Actions: Demonstrate our values through everyday behaviour, interactions, and decision-making.​
  • Peer Recognition: Acknowledge and celebrate colleagues who exemplify the values.​​
  • Feedback and Open Communication: Provide constructive feedback that aligns with our values and talk about the values.  ​
  • Personal Development: Engage in continuous learning and development to better align your personal goals with the council’s values​.

Be part of the change

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