Case Studies

Our staff have shared their positive experiences of working with children and families in Herefordshire and you can read these below.

Jeanadelle Hamilton – Managing Practitioner, Assessment

Jeanadelle grew up surrounded by children, her passion for making a difference in their lives became a driving force in her choice of career. She loves working with children and her passion is to make a significant impact on the lives of children and young people.

She’s committed to being a stepping stone for children, knowing that the positive influences she provides may be remembered and valued as they grow older. Jeanadelle cherishes the opportunity to support families and witness the positive changes she helps bring about.

Jeanadelle said: ‘At Herefordshire, we have a full 45 days of assessment, which means we have time to consider how to best support the family. You’re supported in the decisions you make which enhances your confidence.

“I love seeing the green fields and cows. I even found an egg lady on my way home, who I now get my eggs from! I commute to Herefordshire from Birmingham, Herefordshire has less traffic congestion, leading to shorter and less stressful commutes. You definitely don’t see fields and cows in Birmingham.

“If you’re considering joining Herefordshire, give it a try. Managers here give you time to absorb and progress. They want to grow their own and there’s always opportunities to progress and try something new.”

Kerry Clifft – Team Manager, Assessment

Kerry’s own childhood experiences in the care system led her to a career in social work. She began working as a social work assistant while pursuing her degree in Warwickshire. The role provided her with a solid foundation in social work principles and practices.

Kerry has only been with Herefordshire for a short time and is really enjoying her experience here so far. She’s quickly progressed to a management position and despite the nature of her new role, Kerry still feels deeply connected to social work and to supporting families. Additionally, her new position offers great work-life balance, which is perfect for her lifestyle.

Kerry says: “Everyone has been extremely friendly and welcoming at Herefordshire.

The opportunities here are incredible considering it is a rural location. It’s also fantastic that Herefordshire offer a relocation package. Being situated in such beautiful countryside surroundings is a huge plus.

To anyone thinking about joining Herefordshire, I’d say – absolutely go for it! The team members are incredibly supportive, and there’s a strong emphasis on safe practices and ensuring your safety as a social worker. The support system from senior management is excellent, with managers actively involved with the team. Plus, the beautiful scenery is a wonderful bonus.”

Chase Dowling – Participation Worker, Care Leavers Team

Chase joined Herefordshire over 2 years ago. His role as a Participation Worker means he’s responsible for organising fun and engaging activities for children and young people in our care. He also supports our young people to ensure their voices are heard through their participation in meetings, groups and panels.

Chase said: “I really enjoy living and working in Herefordshire. It’s a friendly, welcoming place and we have a beautiful city that’s surrounded by attractive market towns and lovely green rural areas. It’s a great mix and there’s always something interesting to do.

“I work in a great team and we’re all really passionate about building trust with our young people so we can support them to do well. They’re all important individuals to us and we do the best we can to help them transition through to adulthood safely.

“The best part of my job is seeing our young people succeed. Sometimes it can be seen as a small achievement but it could be a huge step forward for that young person. I’m incredibly lucky to do a job that I love and there’s a sense of pride that I’m supporting young people from our local communities to be successful in their lives.”

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